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Live News feed generated post:

An ancient scroll was found in Kyoto, Japan today.  Scientists are baffled as it is clearly written in English, despite carbon dating giving the potential original scroll date of mid 15th Century.  Scientists revealed in a press conference the words etched onto the scroll in small letters...

"Now I will never get to see Spidey."

Ando-Kun Search Update #1

New York is too large.  There are many places that I must search for Ando-kun.   Please, wish me much luck.

Otousan weilds a bokken very well.  It was very very frightening.  And also impressive.
The man with the strangely parted hair is right.

I can not accomplish this task.

If I could accomplish this task...perhaps I would be much like Spidey.  When everything is accomplished, and New York would be saved.  I must go see Spidey.

uhoh, the sequel. Or perhaps the prequel.

Forward dated entry? *We shall be crossing our fingers.

My sword is definitely, very much certainly malfunctioning. 

Somehow ando_masahashi and myself have ended up quite a few years prior to where we originally were. 

It is hard to futuristically update this livejournal using very old commands.

RUN:  SwordofPower to the future where computer technology is very much better.

...I do wish that we had been accidentally transported to a place that would have good translation sites.  Babel Fish is missing me.  And this computer is quite larger.  And my hair is not styled in the proper fashion.   Ando?  His hair and clothing make a match to this time.


I have a strong feeling that my sword is malfuctioning.  It is making posting to the livejournal most difficult as I must use backdating.  I am not positive that this will work properly.

I feel very much like Mr. Michael J. Fox, bouncing through time and space.  I must make sure that I do not have a meeting with myself.  I hope that unlike Mr. Michael J. Fox, I do not have to hide in my home from the future.

I am just glad that Ando is here.  This would be very scary by myself.

Entry with backdate...very much backdate.

Off my path


It is very unfortunate that Las Vegas has many things to do.  My quest for the sword of power (SoP) has been walking off course. 

There would be much more ease if this Mr. Linderman I should be finding would have an office.  He does not have a home in the yellow pages of Las Vegas.  (And one question that I have not had answered, yellow pages are not all the color of yellow.  This is showing to be very puzzling.)

I am trying to make visits to places where an ancient SoP would be hidden.  It is unfortunate though that Las Vegas does not have many museums.  Buffets, yes.  Casinos, yes.  Bars where women do not wear clothing...yes.

I am still walking slightly off my course.  It is time that I find the track once more and obtain my SoP!!

Things that are most strange.

Sumimasen fellow Livejournalers.  I have made a discovery that this motel has internet access, so I will be burdening you with entries.  It will be most helpful with my English being very much better.  There!  Ogenki-desu-ka?

The following is my thoughts. 

One thing that is still most strange for living in America...your vending machines are slightly limited.  It is very nice to have keychains for buying but...I miss the opportunity to for figurines.  And there is also missing for different kinds of drinks. 

And a second thing that is still most strange for living in America...I miss my programming.  I have an understandment that there are ways to download anime from Japan.  I must...find it raw. 

And for a final thing at the moment, it seems very strange to me that a time traveler as myself could still be having feelings of...time sickness?  No...illness?  Sleeping patterns feel different. 

...I miss Ando.